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Lonnie is a very thorough and detailed inspector, not only did he do a very good job in his review and write up of my home he also took the time to explain different problem areas in the house and walk me through them. I would highly recommend Lonnie he is very friendly and takes his time to do the job right the first time!  --Brandon DeFelice

Above All Else is honestly THE best home inspection company around. Lonnie spent more time on my home than he needed to. Very thorough and professional. I would and will recommend him to anyone who needs a home inspection! THANK YOU LONNIE!  Steve Barrett

I have been involved in several home purchases and was expecting an inspection similar to what I had experienced in the past, but Lonnie blew me away with his expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to making sure my family received a fair, objective view of the home we wanted to buy. You won’t be disappointed with Above All Else Inspections! Thanks again Lonnie.  --Aaron L. Daniels

My wife and I had Lonnie perform a special electrical inspection for us, because some of the outlets and lights were not working properly.  He found several different issues, to include short's in the wiring. One of the fixtures was actually arcing, and as he noted, this was a potential fire hazard.  All of the concerns have now been addressed, and we feel much safer.  We are truly grateful for Lonnie's knowledge and expertise. He is a blessing!  --Bob & Sarah

This is a very high quality report;  I have had several inspectors in the past and none have produced this type of report.  Awesome, job on your part. To be honest, at first I thought your fee was high, but you are more than worth every dime you charged me.  Very happy, you saved my wallet with your insight.  --Mike Sheryl

Lonnie is a great inspector.  He is very thorough and explains every concern, always takes lots of pictures to back up all his concerns with a very thorough report.  I’ve had him inspect houses before I made an offer and I’m very glad I did.  Ended up not buying two of them because they had hidden things that would send any buyer running in the opposite direction.  All in all if you’re looking for a good thorough inspector that will crawl into any small hole under a house or balance across the roof taking photos Lonnie Beeman is your man.  He also does some beautiful carpentry work.  --Wendy Pickering

I greatly appreciate the quality and thoroughness of your work as well your patience and ability to explain things in layman's terms!  It was great interfacing with you, and I look forward to referring you to all my friends and family.  --Best regards, Darryl Young

Lonnie did a vacant property monitoring project for me, in NWA that lasted several months. This gentleman proved to be a comprehensive and thorough professional.  Nothing escaped his attention.  I also consulted with Lonnie on numerous building envelope issues, water intrusion and mold issues.   He simply knows his stuff and far exceeded all of my expectations.  --James. J. Abel, Norman OK

I have seen Inspector Lonnie of Above All Else Home Inspections in action and actually spent an entire day watching him inspect.  He stopped at various junctures and pointed things out, both minor and not so minor.  You'll not find anyone more diligent in Home Inspections and knowledgeable about all the components of a home.  He is unquestionably the one you want to hire.  He had a positive and humorous attitude that put me at ease while I was fretting.  Very talented man with a humble disposition.  --Alice Coad

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