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We offer affordable prices in Home Inspections, because we understand a home is one of the most important financial investments we make in our lifetime.  Our professional Home Inspection shall give you the information you need to go forward with confidence, often saving thousands in surprise repair costs.  Our report will guide the choices you are about to make.  Above All Else Inspections is the most capable Home Inspection company in all of Northwest Arkansas and surrounding 3 state area.  Please click on the "About" tab for further information about our experience and qualifications, which is in depth.  We help buyers and sellers make informed decisions.  Whether you are looking at an older home, new home or a commercial building, we will provide the assurances you are looking for.  We are thorough!

Unlike many other inspection companies, our Home Inspection can take 3 to 5 hours on site, and sometimes longer, depending on age and size of the home.  Inspector Lonnie knows from many years experience, it is physically impossible to go through an entire home in a couple hours.  We are methodical and comb through the home in great detail.  Clients are welcome to join us for the entire inspection, or meet near the end to talk about any findings. Please click on "Inspection Services" tab for a partial description of our inspection services.

A comprehensive, narrative report, filled with digital photographs will be sent to you within a timely manner from when we are onsite.  We don't lollygag in writing the report, and it takes times to produce an original report for each inspection we do. Thus, it will be worth your patience to let us do what we know and produce for you a well written  report.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible competitive pricing in all of Northwest Arkansas.   However,  don't sell your short by shopping for the lowest inspection fee.  Let us serve you!

Our focus is quality and comprehensive information that includes our extensive knowledge on how to fix issues, and we provide many suggestions on care and home maintenance beyond what home inspectors are required to report on.  Call us to find out how me may be of assistance to you and your pocketbook.  Our relationship with you does not end with the Inspection Report.  As part of our Inspection Service, you will receive free phone consultation for the life of your home ownership. We are savvy and highly skilled in the building sciences from an engineering approach as well as from many years of hands on building experience.

We provide thorough Home Inspections And Premier Customer Service
Our mission statement is simply this: “Excellence and Integrity are never an accident; they are the result of High Intention, Sincere Effort, Intelligent Direction, Skillful Execution, and the Vision to see Obstacles as Opportunities.”   We don't just talk it, we walk it.   Reference "Reviews" to hear what some of our clients say.
Inspector Lonnie at work Finding a crushed pipe in crawl space