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Federal Pacific Stab-Lok

While performing a home inspection, I used to call out Federal Pacific Stab-Lok panels as a potential safety hazard and would recommend having these panels be evaluated by an electrician and “replaced if necessary.” However, Federal Pacific Electric panels have long been known to be problematic. More than problematic! They have been the cause of house fires. I no longer recommend review by an electrician and cut to the chase. I tell my clients to have the panels replaced, because my clients' safety comes first! Visit my website and call me for your next home inspection.

Double Tap in Electrical Panel

There are several issues with this 200 Amp main electrical panel. ONE of the defects seen here is "double tapping," which is where two or more wires are connected under the same lug.  We see this often in homes we inspect. This is a safety hazard that can lead to overheating, arcing, and even fire.  Typically, this is not the work of a licensed electrician; Often this condition is found in older homes, where a previous owner may have done there own electrical modifications.  Finding or fixing this condition is not a DYI task.